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Foot surgery, bunion treatment, diabetic foot care, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and treatment for general foot and ankle problems.

Did You Know? The pressure on the feet when running can be as much as four times the runners body weight.
Did You Know? There are roughly 250,000 sweat glands on a pair of feet. Sweat glands in the feet produce as much as half a pint of moisture each day.

Welcome to Hamilton Foot and Ankle Associates—your choice for foot doctors in NY! Our team consists of Dr. William Spielfogel, the Director of Podiatry at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, and Dr. Josephine Kleyner. Together, our Manhattan and Brooklyn podiatrists use the most advanced technology to provide the best care to you and your family.

At Hamilton Foot and Ankle Associates we offer a variety of podiatry services in Brooklyn, New York, including the following common foot problems:

Dr. Spielfogel and Dr. Kleyner, Brooklyn and Manhattan podiatrists, also now offer foot surgery options at Hamilton Foot and Ankle Associates, including:

  • Achilles surgery
  • Ankle surgery
  • Arthritis surgery
  • Arthroscopy
  • Bunion surgery
  • Cyst removal
  • Flatfoot correction
  • Hammertoe surgery
  • Heel surgery
  • Metatarsal surgery
  • Nerve surgery (Neuroma)
  • Toe surgery

Please call our podiatry office in Brooklyn at (212) 570-9300 or our Manhattan podiatry office at (718) 680-6276 with any questions. You can even schedule an appointment online!